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 Job description    Tom Hughes 
 Duties & responsibilities 
Responsible for the seamless integration of the development and the technical management teams to ensure technical architectures, project development organization and processes and implementation of strategies10+ years building and evolving organizations that manage product development, product strategy and technical-infrastructure development
Stay current with emerging technologies and drive to overall technical direction of the departmentContinuous commitment to new and emerging technologies with a special focus on "big data" and marketing enablement    
Ensure the creation and review of functional, technical and data requirements documentation standards 20 years' experience writing and editing requirements, as well as setting standards for high-quality documentation and building a culture of excellence and precision in technical communication
Partner with cross capability teams to develop initial concept for client projects and define project scope, budgets and timelinesExtensive experience working across company and cultural silos
Responsible for the overall management and client relationship for a large complex technology account Lead executive managing complex accounts with an advanced technology foundation
Nurture client relationships and identify follow-on opportunities Excellent at active listening and relationship-building with customer organizations
Provides quality and timely Performance Reviews and Development Plans for the staff
Make certain the team partners with Marketing, Strategy and Creative teams to ensure quality and timely development and delivery
Ensure proper utilization and billability of technology staff
Participate in recruiting efforts
Identify new business opportunities within the client, and seek out new client opportunities to leverage previous experiences
Participate in new business pitches
Provides proactive recommendations for key skill sets need to keep ahead of client needs and market demands
 Broad experience in all aspects of general management including those listed here, for both large and small organizations
 Skills & experience 
A Bachelor’s degree required, preferably a Bachelor’s of Science in a technology or computer related discipline, Masters preferred Equivalent work experience
10+ years experience in multiple technologies including CMS, CRM, Open Source, rich media development, database and internet technologies for business needs (Marketing focused)Expert in content management, customer-relationship management and related systems; lead several projects to move large, complex organizations onto internet technology using both proprietary and open-source platforms
Diverse background with strengths in strategy and execution of large-scale technology projects Very strong in business and product strategy
Experience with managing/utilizing off-shore development resourcesWorked with teams in Shenzhen, China and in Bangalore; built advanced collaboration and work-tracking systems to enable round-the-clock development and testing
Ability to steward complex projects while partnering with teams across capabilitiesExtensive hands-on experience with teams of technologists, marketers, salespeople and finance organizations
Pharmaceutical marketing and business technology experience is a plusEarly work involved marketing and educating MDs on then-current ulcer treatments as alternatives to gastric surgery
Interactive Agency experience is highly desiredExtensive work as a client / partner of interactive agencies including Sapient, Keane